Exhaust Element

Suction unit

The suction unit is to be set up as a table deduction at the covering place, at the hand dyeing point or at the biopsy encapsulation place. The filters selected according to the use protect you from xylene, alcohol and formalin vapors.

With low sample throughput, the VAE 988 is able to fall below the occupational exposure limits.

The VAE 988 or VAE991 are a quick and easy way to install a fume hood in your lab. All you need is a sturdy footprint and a 230V power outlet.

By the rear suction you can use the work area without restriction. The work surface is illuminated by a fluorescent tube.

The entire device (body + work surface) is made of stainless steel and has special insulation mats low noise level. The filter change can be carried out independently by you.