VCPA 5001

Automatic cassette printer

The automatic cassette unit includes a carousel magazine. The unit offers flexibility, consistency and reliability for cassette printing needs. Can be used as a stand-alone unit or with computer, bar code scanner and LAN access or USB Windows driver. 1 carousel with 6 magazines and 6 adapters for cassettes without lid. In automatic mode up to 600 cassettes per hour. Receiving magazine for up to 38 cassettes. Easy switch between automatic and manual print.

  • 2 lines, default font, without Datamatrix code:
    2 x 16 = 32 characters
  • 2 lines, default font, with Datamatrix code:
    2 x 11 = 22 characters
  • 1 line, uppercase, without Datamatrix code:
    1 x 13 = 13 characters


  • Printing mode: job menu, manual print, automatic print
  • Bar code scanner adaptable
  • Prints cassettes in approximately 3 – 3,5 seconds
  • LAN access makes it easy to transfer external data from a computer/laptop to the printer
  • USB Windows driver
  • Ribbon with UV sensitive substance and RFID chip
  • The prints are resistant against all usual solutions in the labs
  • Compact dimensions
  • Accepts most European standard cassettes (⊾45°/stacks)
  • Capable of printing special characters