Hematek 3000 System

An innovative system of the Siemens hematology family

The Hematek® 3000 system, with a tradition of over 50 years of success, has been developed for laboratories in need of a robust and reliable staining system.

With up to 60 slides per hour, it is highly productive and delivers high-quality staining quality via user-defined staining protocols.

Continuous reloading of the slides and fully automatic dyeing processes optimize time and effort.

  • The all-in-one reagent packs contain sufficient staining reagent for up to 900 smears and can be easily reloaded at any time, with no time required by the user, for an optimal daily workflow.
  • Each smear receives exactly the same amount of fresh reagent through the reagent pumps. Plate technology ensures consistently consistent coloration through accurate reagent mixing and accurate buffer dosing.
  • The simplified mechanism of the reagent pump dosing minimizes the maintenance effort.
  • The slides are available immediately after completion of the staining, whereby the rapid drying is achieved by an optimal alcohol concentration in the rinse reagent.
  • To ensure an uninterrupted workflow and a high quality of dyeing, the system sends the user timely warning signals at low color reagent or high waste container levels.