VOGEL Medizintechnik

VOGEL competence

For over 60 years we are specialists in individual laboratory equipment in the areas of human pathology, veterinary pathology, histology and forensic medicine.

VOGEL products

Our products comply with international standards as well as the relevant DIN and valid standards.

VOGEL service

Of course, we are available also for  manufacturing,  assembly and servicing of your VOGEL facilities and equipment.

How do you store your treasures?

Filing cabinets for tissue blocks and slides

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Individual laboratory furniture

Individual laboratory furniture

We plan, build and install individual and premium laboratory furniture made from stainless steel. They can be completed by sinks, connectors and several possibilities for hazardous material exhausts.

Labelling machines for slides or tissue cassettes

Compact manual or automatic cassette or slide printer for fast use. This printer can be used with a barcode scanner and connected via LAN or USB.

Filing system

Filing system

The perfect possibility to find a real customized solution for the special needs in accurate laboratory filing.

Digital Osmometer

Clinical chemistry

Our reliable automatic digital Osmometer. Simple operation with menu-led display.

Hematek stainer provides a continuous-feed loading platform that eliminates wasted time associated with batch staining methods.

Current fairs

28.04.23 - 29.04.23 Histologica in Oberhausen
15.09.23 - 16.09.23 Morphologie-Histologie Tage in Dresden
22.09.23 - 24.09.23 Bundeskongress Pathologie in Berlin