VSPA 6001

Automatic Slide Printer

Discrepancies and confusion between the input number on the cassette and the slide arise due to illegibility or negligence in stressful situations.

Our VSPA 6001 slide printer is equipped with a barcode scanner that scans a Matrix-barcode on a cassette. The recognized Matrix- barcode is reliably transferred to the display of our slide printer and can be supplemented by your special colorations or other laboratory-specific information.

The large storage magazine frees you from the constant "grabbing for slides" so you can concentrate fully on your cutting activity on the microtome.

The operator software of the slide printer gives you the freedom to operate the device autonomously. Installed meter variants allow you to automatically increment patient numbers or subnumbers.

With factory-installed LAN & USB interfaces and Windows drivers you are well prepared for the future. The printer can thereby be connected to your laboratory software

  • Large storage magazine for nearly 75 standard slides
  • 1 Collection magazine consisting of 2 parts with a total capacity of 75 slides
  • Due to its compact design, it fits next to a microtome
  • The simple operation happens directly at the printer
  • Scanned barcodes are displayed directly in the printer monitor
  • Printing a slide costs you only 0.00476 cents
  • No license fees for the integrated user software

Technical specifications

  • Printing time per slide about 4 seconds
  • Barcode scanner (optional)
  • Matrix-barcode printing on slides
  • 4 lines of printing - up to 64 characters
  • 230V - 1.6A - 72W
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 29cm x 41cm
  • LAN interface: Easy transfer of data between computer and printer
  • USB Windows printer driver
  • Ribbon with special UV-sensitive substance and RFID chip
  • Color resistant to all laboratory solutions
  • Drying with UV-LED
  • For the operation Color slides are needed. These must be grounded and should have 45° Corners.