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The focus of our activity is the supply of pathological institutes and histological laboratories with laboratory equipment, equipment and consumables. Our customers are laboratory operators in human medicine (forensic medicine) and veterinary medicine.

We plan, produce, deliver and assemble complete laboratory facilities made of stainless steel (such as cutting, dyeing and sectioning tables) as well as laboratory furniture for pathological institutes.

Here you will find the following products:

  • Individual laboratory equipment
  • Cutting tables for Formalinabsaugung & table deductions
  • Section tables & wet preparation cabinets
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Dyeing tables with xylene extraction and alcohol extraction
  • Tables for formalin disposal / residual tissue disposal
  • Residual tissue and formalin disposal facilities
  • intestinal flushing
  • Work tables made of stainless steel
  • conventional laboratory furniture cabinets, wall cabinets and more
  • Archive cabinets for paraffin blocks
  • Archive cabinets for slides
  • Cassette Printer & Slide Printer
  • consumables

Individual Laboratory Furniture

We plan, build and install individual and premium laboratory furniture made from stainless steel. They can be completed by sinks, connectors and several possibilities for hazardous material exhausts. "An individual solution is more than a worry less"


VOGEL GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1952 by Mr. Wilhelm Vogel and was taken over in the second generation by Marlies and Thomas Knauber in 1980. Today, the company is still a 100 % family owned business. VOGEL produces, develops and sells complete systems of high quality, equipments and single parts. The product line includes exhaust systems for histolabs, sophisticated stainless steel constructions (for example grossing-, cutting table and working table for staining) as well as labequipments, storage cabinets for formalin baskets and fi ling cabinets as a complete system.

VOGEL MedTec GmbH was founded in 2022 by Mr. Patrick Pfeifer and takes over the active business of VOGEL GmbH & Co. KG






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